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:: Anna's Journal of Contemplation and Complaining ::

Little shards of my life to make you wonder...

(Judging from earlier experience, profile may be a year or more outdated)

As of November 2011, I'm a fourth-year student at the University of Edinburgh, studying Mathematical Physics. Between trying to catch up on my courses and brief social-esque moments with friends (over a pint, a coffee, or a film; even, on occassion, a game of Guitar Hero), that is pretty much my life. =) I had aspirations to be a webcomic artist once (and did make webcomics in the past), but these days my creative pursuits are mostly half-cooked ideas and a few sketched pages here and there, because that's all that time allows for. Oh well. I shan't be an undergraduate forever -- maybe PhD students have more time? [insert sarcastic laughter here]