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Well! I appear to not have written anything in aaaaages. So! Time to keep y'all updated with my life! (What life I have, that is <3)

The slacker semester. The semester has progressed fairly normally. I haven't had too much to do, since, well ... several reasons.

#1 - I have only slacker classes this semester. By slacker classes I mean that over half of them are physics/math and no more history or religion. <3 The rest are Spanish, Swedish and Civics. Civics COULD have been difficult, but we got a good teacher (by "good" I mean I'll probably actually remember most of what she taught me and it was relatively easy to get MVG =P).
#2 - My teachers all appear to think that, for all the student parties and other things occupying our minds these last couple months, none of us will get enough sleep and we'll all be raging alcoholics. So they've gone easy on us. I've gone to one student party -- my own, Monday May 4th! -- and consequently have not been either out all night nor hungover, so ... less work has only meant less work for me. =P
#3 - I could seriously fail all my remaining classes and still be accepted to the university, since I've had almost a perfect track record up until now. I'm figuring that they saw I was doing good and decided to give an offer, and then since I'm not done yet they gave me the standard conditions ("conditional offer"), which were, incidentally, the minimum requirements, i.e. 15/20 pts (I'm currently at 19.7/20 ... we'll see what it is in a few weeks when I get the rest of my grades. o.O;). So ... this didn't really put a whole lot of pressure on me, meaning I was less worried, meaning the work was easier to do.

The laser project — done! I HAVE had some work to do, now towards the end of the semester. On the very day of the student party, the laser project was due, so I spent the entire weekend working on that, drawing blueprints and finding pictures and videos and stuff. The report is now 18 pages I think(single spaced), though that does include a few pictures. Anyone wants to see it (or just the pictures =P) is welcome to ask me for it. <3

The student party. After we sent in the project report — I think we were one of the few groups who turned it in on time. I think we were almost always late for all the other deadlines though so I guess it evens out. ^^; — there was, like I said, the student party. Now, large parties with lots of people and loud music and too much alcohol consumption isn't quite my thing, but I guess I had fun anyway. Alex and I had invited the RPG group (David, Lasse and Seperh from NVCO05, the year above us, and Mathias and Tim from some other class in my school) and we hung out with them. The guys all bought appletinis — that was fun, it was light milky green and they came in funny glasses and since they ordered five at once the bartender had problems finding enough glasses at once. =P

Appletini? We then went back upstairs. The place had an upstairs, where loud music was played and people were supposed to hang out, and a downstairs where SUPER LOUD music was played and people were supposed to dance. David, who did not usually drink before the other guys corrupted him (Seperh: BEEEEER!!!!) complained there was too much tini in the appletini, and I apparently ended up finishing it for him, who ... never drink at all really. Before that, I had tried some chapmagne at New Years Eve and found it was completely UNDRINKABLE until you mixed it with enough pommac (fake children's champagne) so that the alcohol was diluted. =P I had to agree with him that there was too much tini. The guys apparently thought it was funny how I, the non-drinker, finished his drink for him. =P They had me do bottoms up with the last bit. I was glad to amuse them, and in retrospect (after having been forced to taste all kinds of alcoholic drinks since, mostly on the school trip but also some at home by my parents), the appletini wasn't so bad.

Going outside with the smokers ... not to smoke, but to speak. We did dance some, and then we went outside so that we could speak. In the hanging-out area upstairs it was so loud you had to shout if you wanted to be heard, which bothered me. Firstly, my throat was sore from allergies so I didn't want to shout, and secondly, it was the hanging-out area. Did the music really HAVE to be that loud? But yeah. We were outside and I forget what we were talking about (fun stuff, I'm sure, and, since the boys had had some to drink, also I recall it being full of innuendo. I'm perverted at heart so I don't mind. I think that stuff is funny. =P). At one point I claimed that I had been a decent waltzer once upon a time, and Mathias thought it was funny how David said "I can waltz!".

Tequila?!?! Oh no, my alcohol consumption habits are escalating! After a while Mathias apparently thought it would be funny to make the non-drinkers (me and Alex) drink tequila. Those guys have some thing for making non-drinkers drink. Lasse revealed to me that it was his duty to keep David drunk all the time. =P Anyway, I had already drunk the appletini and figured, what the hell, I could as well drink the tequila too, maybe. It was to be a kind of ... drinking match? You were supposed to drink with/against another person, anyway. I had planned in my mind of course to drink against David, but he went home and I ended up drinking with Mathias, who bought me the drink.

The tequila was a clear liquid that came in a small little glass. I couldn't hear what was going on (since the bar was downstairs in the super noise) but it looked to me like the bartender was hesitant to give us the tequila. I dunno why that would be. Maybe he just had difficulty hearing what Mathias said. =P Anyway, like I said: the bartender put two small glasses with a clear liquid which looked like water in front of us. On top of them he lay two slices of lemon and beside he put a salt shaker. "Put out your hand," said Mathias, and put salt on it. He explained to me that what you did was you licked the salt, drank the tequila, and put the lemon in your mouth. Good thing I hadn't done what I had initially thought to do, which was to put the lemon IN the tequila ... =P Since my parents do that with Mexican beer, you know? The lime goes into the bottle of corona. Anyway, I licked the salt, I downed the tequila and I quickly stuck the lemon in my mouth when I felt the alcohol burn my tongue. I then made weird faces and noises and sort of bent and straightened my legs and shook my hands. Burned my tongue! I understood now what the salt and lemon slice was for—to hide the alcohol taste! The guys thought it was funny. It was. =P

After this we danced some more, and I could feel myself becoming less inhibited because of the liquor. However, I also realized I probably sounded pretty stupid — I just didn't care so much anymore. I was fascinated. Was I supposed to notice that I sounded dumb? Me and the guys entertained ourselves with checking if I could walk straight. I maintained that I was wobbling — it felt like it — but Mathias said I was walking straight.

On staying out late and proposals. Eventually the party broke up, and we all went home, and Alex's dad came and picked me and Alex up. At this point it was about 2 in the morning I think. Brian's mother would have been aghast (she was surprised when she heard how late I was out role playing with the guys, too... =P). My own parents apparently takes it all with a grain of salt. It makes me suspicious of what THEY did in their youth. Mmm. I hear more and more interesting stories from my mother lately; things I wouldn't have thought of them. Once Brian has proposed I'll make her tell me that story too. She refused to when I asked because she didn't want to influence me or something. =P The funny thing is Brian has known since forever how HIS dad proposed to his mother. They had been living together for a while a think, and his dad Mark was on the phone with his mother (Mark's mother, not Brian's mother), and he said to her, "I'm going to marry Rosie [Brian's mother]." Apparently Mark's mother then said something like, oh, you've proposed? or something, and Mark was all like "...oh! Right! Maybe I should do that! One second." And then, while he was still on the phone with his mother, he called to the other room where Rosemarie was and asked her "Will you marry me?", and she was all like "uh ... I guess so?". Yeah. Very romantic and all. Or not. =P Thankfully Brian appears to be more romantic than his father and has said it won't be like that. Of course, for us, it'll just be a formality anyway. He wouldn't need to check with me to be able to tell his mother that we'll be getting married someday. Pretty much that was our plan since the beginning. You don't get into—much less stay in—a long-distance relationship if you're not serious about it. So for us getting engaged is going to be a ceremony, sort of like the wedding except not as big of a deal and only for us.

Astrophysics project - gravitation. Anyway. After the party we had the Astrophysics project due on Wednesday May 6th (two days after the party). I had, well ... not done anywhere NEAR as much as I should have, and apparently neither had a lot of my classmates, so Behzad gave us an extension until Friday. We all heaved a collective sigh of relief. =P On the night Thursday-Friday I made myself coffee (which was four-fifths hot chocolate and only one-fifth coffee...) for the first time and stayed up all night working on the impossible Astrophysics project. I had chosen to write about gravitation, of all things, because I guess it has always fascinated me. I should have realized this would take me deep into the regions of evil— I mean, general relativity. And, while general relativity is ENDLESSLY fascinating ... there just isn't that much I can say about it with my current level of mathematical understanding. I know some very limited linear algebra and no tensor calculus, and both are far too difficult for me to learn overnight for a school project. Hopefully it turned out okay, anyway; and if it didn't, like I said before, I don't actually need the grade for anything. I just don't want Behzad to be disappointed. =P

Hanging out with David and Alex and 42 sleepless hours! After I had stayed up all night Thursday-Friday to finish the gravitation paper, of course it turns out I had planned with Alex and David to play Ninja Burger (card game kind of thing). We decided to meet at David's house at 3:30 PM, and I figure, this'll be over by 7 PM or so, so it's no big deal, I can sleep later ... but we end up staying there until like 1 AM. =P We played Ninja Burger, then some puzzle game, we ate dinner, we hung out in his room talking about crap, and before we all knew it it was super late. I think me and Alex managed to catch the last train home from Skogås. =P When I finally got to sleep at 4:30 AM (I stayed up a while talking to Brian) I had been awake for over 42 hours. I wanted to stay up 6 more so I could say I had been up for 48 hours (2 days!) straight, but ... I had stuff I ought to do during the weekend so I figured staying up until 10 AM wasn't such a good idea.

Coffee? And alcohol? In the same week? I'm falling prey to all kinds of substances now! Soon I'll be doing the heavy drugs! Oh, I should have listened when they told me chocolate was a gateway drug! During my stay at David's I had him (/his little brother) make me coffee, which I then mixed with hot chocolate. I think I had to run to the bathroom about once per cup. I guess they weren't lying when they said coffee is a diuretic. =P It was the other time when we were at the laser lab at Dad's job trying to finish up the laser when, at the coffee break, Dad could not find any hot chocolate for us and so he gave us "choco cappuccino". This caused me to realize that while milk can not do anything but dilute the coffee taste, the choclate can work to MASK it, making the coffee drinkable after all. And so, my friends, begins my journey to being a true coffeeholic like my parents. Mm. I'm saving it for when I need it right now though. =P

Class trip. In further news I am altogether too tired to write more crap right now, and will sum it up fast. I went on a class trip to Tallinn with my classmates, which was lots of fun. They made me taste their different alcoholic drinks (as did my own very parents a couple of days later T_T) and they all taste like, well, alcohol, which tastes baaaaaddddd. I think I really will stick to soda, after all. Honorable mentions to Jelena and Sonia, who kept me company during the trip and whom I got to know a little better.

Grades. I got my grades Thursday (yesterday). Well, they were set, anyway. I did get all MVGs this semester, though a couple of them were somewhat narrowly (notably Swedish and Spanish). This leaves me with a single VG in Swedish A, due to not my inability but rather because I was careless once. Oh well. I guess it doesn't really matter. ^^

Job hunt. I have been looking for a job this summer, but completely failed to find anything. It would have been good if I had one, to make ends meet this fall when I will be trying to support two people on one person's student aid (and possibly help out towards Brian's tuition, too), but ... it doesn't look like I will be getting one. I'll try, though! Ganbatte ne, me!

The end. And, in about one week from now, I will go on the plane to yonder Americas, where I shall visit Brian and his parents, and also Lena, for a few days in there. It will be lots of fun!

And, on that note ... OMG, I'M GRADUATING IN LESS THAN A WEEK!? o.O;;;; I'm going to be leaving this school never to come back (except on token visits to my old teachers)?! And this country, too?!?!?! WAHHHHH!

*ahem* While it may not be quite that big of a deal, I did calculate that I have less than eight weeks left in this house before I leave for Scotland this fall. That is a scary thought in itself. I STILL am not believing that I'm even leaving for the US, much less for Scotland soon. I'm going to be soooo surprised when I finally realize what's going on. =P
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12 March 2009 @ 07:48 pm
1. Put your music library on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write that song title as the answer to the question, no matter how silly it sounds! Most of the time they seem to work though, strangely enough. (This is freaky - sometimes it doesn't make sense, but then again..... it does. Don't cheat, stay true to the exact shuffle.
4. Ok, go!
5. When you're done, tag 5 people in this note, and make sure to tag the person who sent you this.

Mats Rådberg - Peta in en pinne i brasan ("put a stick on the fire")

Alvin & the Chipmunks - Witch Doctor (heheheh... >D)

Brother Beyond - The harder I try (Damn right they better try harder and harder for me!)

Ultima Thule & Eddie Meduza - När farfar var ung ("When grandpa was young")

ABBA - Money, Money, Money (Oh my! It speaks the truth!!!)

101 dalmatiner - Cruella de Vil (well, at least we have the SAME motto, even if she isn't my motto herself. AHHAHAHAHA!)

Beatles - Yesterday (you guys are totally like, SO yesterday! Ahh, don't kill me!)

Steve Miller - Abracadabra

9) WHAT IS 2+2?
Nightwish - Devil and the Deep Dark Ocean

Carl Orff - Si puer cum puellula (No idea what it means ... Cary?)

Night calls (oooh, Brian, where are people at night? In beeed! >D Gimme cuddles!)

I wanna dance with somebody (Brian, you better learn! All kinds of dances!)

Tornadoes - Mystery (damn straight, I'm one of them "mysterious" chicks!)

Kraftwerk - The Model (well, he IS handsome ... =P)

Monty Python - Always look on the bright side of life (gee, is bad if they gotta remind themselves of that every time they think of me... =P)

Cher - Bang bang (my baby shot me down) (No, no! Don't go Delilah on me Brian!)

Under pressure (Yeah, no one would be there if they weren't under pressure... =P)

Beatles - Like dreamers do (well, it USED to be to dream ... but nowadays I don't have time for that!)

DeDe - Someone, somewhere, someday (oh my, someone's gonna be my dirty secret ... someday! Watch out Brian! And please don't go Delilah on me!)

Bosson - Beautiful (gee ... guess if I think my friends are all beautiful we can see why it is someone's gonna be my secret someday!)

Blues Traveler - Crash Burn
10 March 2009 @ 01:14 am
Well! I should be sleeping now, but I napped in the afternoon and so am not incredibly tired. Today (well, yesterday by now!) I had the national test in Physics B. I totally forgot all about projectile motion, so there was a couple problems I couldn't do, but the most important ones were magnetism, which I had just done last week, and so solved easily. I now not only know how a mass spectrometer works, but also a cyclotron!

[Earlier today]
Brian: You are a girl. (he's very insightful sometimes!)
Me: Yes, one who knows how to accelerate subatomic particles and then measure the weight of said subatomic particles!
Brian: Wow, maybe you're not a girl then!

But yeah. =P We had the magnetism and electromagnetic induction test last Wednesday which I, don't tell Behzad this, stayed up all night for cramming, because I had totally not paid attention in class for a while (I got confused at some point when I was focusing on some of those nasty essays I had to write, and never caught up again). At any rate, I must say I'm quite impressed with myself and my ability to learn all about electromagnetic induction in one night (I had done the previous chapter on magnetism during the weekend, and it was far easier anyway, and I had picked up most of the chapter on The Wave Nature of Light already). Sadly I don't know how well it will stick.

Anyway, tonight I reviewed Circular Motion, which was easy, and Rotational Motion, which was not quite as easy (mostly it was the, um, Moment of Inertia which was confusing; the rest was fairly straight-forward and only really required geometry to understand, which is easy). I then looked over Mechanical Waves and Sound super-fast in the morning after napping for two hours and was glad there wasn't anything much on the test about that. At least I was relieved to find that it is indeed possible to review these things successfully in rather short time and find that everything still has places it belongs. That, and, that all the basic stuff about energy, forces and vectors has stuck permanently and doesn't need reviewing. =P My dad was right (I hope he doesn't read this! Haha) that energy is a good approach to things. I still like to think of things in terms of forces though, but dealing with conserved quantities makes life easier for someone who is lazy. Me and Alex compared how we solved the last problem on the test.

It was the problem about the cyclotron, which accelerates a charged particle. It crosses over a small gap with a potential difference V in a circular thing where it goes round round, and then one of the things we were supposed to do was calculate how much speed it had after passing that gap once more if it already had a speed vi. Alex did something-something, calculating the electric field, then the force, figuring out the radial acceleration (from whence he got the radius, I think, and the new speed? I dunno, I didn't quite catch on.) I just did:

      (initial kinetic energy) + (electric potential energy) = (final kinetic energy)

      ⇒ ½mvi2 + qV = ½mvf2

Ta dah! Solve for vf ⇒ vf = √(vi2 + 2qV/m). Substitute values. Done and done. Still, forces are relatively easy to understand, even if not to calculate with. The concept of energy can take more thinking. Though fields are still my new pet peeve: I will one day figure out what a field is and how it really works!

And also, on a side-note: I'm happy that I figured out how do to math stuff in html the other day. I didn't use any now except subscript and superscript, but I also found a site where it tells me, like, symbols and greek letters and stuff, and I'm happy. ^^ Happy!

Anyway, now I really should get to bed. I have some Spanish homework to do in the morning and it is, gasp, 2 o'clock! I guess staying up all night studying physics twice in less than a week has got me into bad habits! =D
05 March 2009 @ 01:09 pm
One which I believe I could have gotten to by using the formula for geometric series ... but I arrived at the conclusion through experiment, so hah!

Imagine that you go to the optician. For each 6000 you spend, you get an extra 1000 (one-sixth of the original value = 1/6) to spend in their store. They give you 1/6 extra. However, imagine that the money they gave you also counted towards what you spent! So you spent 6000, they gave you 1000, you spent 1000 and they gave you 1000/6 = 167, you spend 167 and they give you 167/6 = 28 ... and so on. You spend 6000 of your own money, and they give you 1000 + 167 + 28 + .... + 0.000000001.

I was sitting on the bus on the way home thinking about this. I wanted to know how much money, in the end, they actually would have given me, if they kept giving me 1/6 of what I spent, even when it was their money I was already spending. So I wrote a program on the calculator:

:Input "how much you pay:",z
:While z>o.oooooo1
:Disp "how much you get:",y

And I found, that as z goes towards 0, y goes towards 1/5 of your original value.

x+x+x+ · · · +x=x

when the last expression (x/6n) goes towards zero, which it does relatively quickly. In fact, after brief experimentation, I found that:

x+x+x+ · · · +x=x

It's only valid for z>1. And I wrote lim n→∞, but I really meant lim (x/zn)→0, which it does when n is still quite small, but ... that was too bulky to write. And besides! The bigger n is, the more exact it is, anyway! So there! *nods*

Anyway, this was all quite fascinating to me. I never knew this before. =P Not that it really is useful for anything either... ^^
So! Last week was supposed to be a-studyin'-galore week, I was supposed to get up early, study, then draw, and then probably have time to see one or two episodes of some anime with my sisters! But nothing of the kind happened; I was feeling sort of down, so I mostly wasted my time playing neopets for no real reason. I did go shopping like three times; on Monday with Lina, to look at shoes and shirts. We didn't buy anything. I went on Wednesday with my mother, to look at the same shoes and an outfit for the party. We did buy shoes, an outfit, and also an 80's style jeans skirt which I fell in love with. On Thursday, I went back to that same place with Sara, to exchange the jeans skirt for one a size smaller (I'm used to larger sizes since my hips are pretty wide, but apparently my waist is not-so-wide and I was forced to wear a smaller size!) and also a shirt + tank top which go well with the skirt.

We also went to Elfa to try to buy resistors, but ... they didn't have the kind I needed anymore. T_T They USED to, but not anymore. I needed something around 800 kOhm, 5 Watt. In school they had 820 kOhm but only quarter-watt, which was useless, and in the store, the hell, they had 5-watt resistors up to FIFTEEN kOhm! BAHHHH! I had looked in their catalogue before—though I think it was last year's—and there they had the 5-watt, 820 kOhm resistors. This year's catalogue—no. I was super-frustrated. I brought a catalogue with me home, anyway; and it was really giant, it was a hard-cover catalogue the size of my physics book. o.O;

Anyway, the party. My Aunt Görel turned 50 last month, so now she was having a party together with one of her old friends who turned 50 at about the same time, Birgit. Never had met her before. She really could dance, though, Birgit; I was really jealous. When she and one of the old guys who also could dance, they danced together, us youngins were all suitably impressed and awed. Anyway. It was this big party, the dresscode was "the most glittery stuff you have", and so the one guy turned up in a silver sequin tuxedo and another had a gold sequin top hat. There were several very handsome-looking boys of about seven in stark black suits and glitter hairspray. My cousins were all rather oddly dressed by my standards; Jorun had a frilly ballerina skirt and a kind of wide-sleeved hoodie, Tove had her grandfather's tuxedo top and a frilly short skirt and fishnets, and Sigrid had what she referred to as a "Tinkerbell dress", and that was rather what it looked like. It was very shiny. =P I looked rather sober and boring!

Anyway, I was quite happy to be seeing my cousins; the ones I listed and the rest of them. Nadine had her boyfriend of, apparently, a few weeks, there with her. Estrid was sadly not there, as she is still in Canada. In addition to my cousins there were some girls there who were apparently my "step-cousins", since at least one of my aunts, Tyra, is divorced (since ten years or so, apparently, though I only caught wind of this like one or two years ago. o.O;). I think they were named Kristina and Louise or something, not sure. We spent time eating and hanging out first, then eating more, then trying on each other's clothes while the adults ate even more (we held out for far longer than the little kids did, but apparently we're still not adults =P), and then we ate some more but this time it was yummy chocolate cake! And then, it was time for dancing!

They had some band there, and Birgit owned the dance floor, like I said, and I danced with my cousins (mostly with Tove, some with Sigrid, and some with step-cousin Kristina). I also danced briefly with my uncle Magnus, but he soon tired of trying to teach me to dance and follow properly. =P Before the night was over—which it was at, like, 1:30 or so—I made sure to acquire the msn and facebook addresses of my cousins. Apparently almost all of them have facebook, so I guess it was lucky that I recently decided to get a facebook account. I'm taking it in use, now, and shall be able to keep up with my cousins. *nods* We decided we'd meet sometime during the summer, with or without the old geezers, before we all start scattering all over the place, starting with me (me being the eldest cousin).

So last night when I came home (at about 10 PM, after a long and excessively shaky train ride) I proceeded to add all my cousins to facebook, and also a substantial part of my classmates, whom I found on there. I did NOT find Lena, which sort of surprised me, as I had been almost certain that she was on there. Maybe she got rid of her account or something? I did find Izzy, and Clara, and Madeleine. Anyway. If anyone feels left out, feel free to add me on there, I would gladly keep track of everyone I know. =P

Anyway; now, I'm off to study physics. After I probably take another ibuprofen, as my cramps are bothering me. T_T And when Lena comes around I shall have to question her about this sudden absence of her facebook account. Myes.
Times like this is when I'm grateful that my physics book is actually well-written and thorough. I have been totally spaced out in physics the past few weeks, and thus what I have learned about magnetism and electromagnetic waves is highly sketchy. o.O; But! On account of having heard everything before at least, I am doing a good job filling in the gaps reading the physics book, which is well-structured with pictures and all, and thorough. The chapters are too long though. T_T This is where all you university students bonk me on the head and say "30 pages? You serious, girl? OMG you're gonna die HAHAHAHAH!". Yeah. Well, at least I can say that there are three chapters á 20-30 pages each, so. I'm not quite that wimpy! Only almost.

In other news, I think I shall be attempting to buy myself a copy of my current physics book, for future reference and for nostalgic reasons. I was allowed to keep my bio/chem/physics books from compulsory school and they were completely worthless and I've never looked at them again, but my current physics book is at least supposedly a university book, albeit with a non-calculus approach (non-calculus physics? Such a thing exists? Well, I think the book was meant for medical students, and they apparently don't study calculus but are required to take physics?).

However, I think I'm going to find the whole class literature thing to be most bothersome in university, on account of probably never wanting to sell my books again after I've used them. I'll want to keep them all except the sucky ones, and I hope I don't have to use sucky books. =P I'll be a poor, penniless student! Of course, I would be even if I didn't have to buy any student literature at all, so ... maybe I'll try to con my parents into buying my literature. Or paying my rent. But I think it would be easier to make them pay for my books.

Dad: Rent? You want rent? Why, when I was a student, we slept on mattresses on the floor and ate noodles every day! What you say? You want to keep all your books? Hm ... books are good. You say you can't afford to keep them all, not even if you eat noodles every day? What outrage! I shall buy your books for you, poor daughter!
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22 February 2009 @ 06:12 pm
...who may or may not ever check his journal again to make me the promised whatsit. No matter. =)

The first seven (7) people to respond to this post will get something made by me.
This offer does have some restrictions and limitations:

- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make.
- What I create will be just for you, but you may share it if you so desire.
- It'll be done this year (2009).
- You have no clue what it's going to be. It may be a mix CD. It may be a poem. I may draw or paint something. I might bake you something and mail it to you. Who knows? Not you, that's for sure!
- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange.

The catch? Oh, the catch is that you have to put this in your journal as well, if you expect me to do something for you!
21 February 2009 @ 05:50 pm
So. Stuff happens.

Nice old ladies. The other Thursday when I was a-mindin' my own business as usual, and running like an idiot for the bus, the bus up and left before I got there! And I huffed and I puffed and was all outta breath 'n' stuff, and this car pulls up and this heavy-set old lady gestures for me to get in. She tells me how she saw me running and felt bad for me, and then it turns out, she's going to the very same place as I am going—to the place where they have evening courses. She makes furniture or whatever in the room next to where I play piano. She was delighted by this coincidence and offered to take me there every Thursday, which I readily agreed to — more because there was no way I could say no without being rude than because it is convenient for me, but she's nice, so it's okay. ^^

This is the second time this has happened to me; last time was an old lady too (well, I call them old, but they're probably in their fifties). It always amazes me, old lady picking up a random teenager from the street. =P Not like they can see that I'm some little girl in glasses, either (less scary-looking than, like, weird guys with piercings and wax in their hair). Oh well!

Math tests and Swedish essays. The other day—two days ago, Thursday—I had a Math E test (complex numbers) and a Swedish Essay due. I thought they were for Friday, but I realized on Wednesday they were actually for Thursday! Needless to say, I was a bit worried—I could do one or the other, but both? Needed to stay up to write the essay, but needed to sleep (and preferably look over my formulas and stuff..) for my math test. What a dilemma! I ended up napping (my escape for every time when I need to do too much for school) and then writing the essay in three hours. By no means the best essay I've written, though I've had quite some practice with it lately (freaking religion ... and biology ... and ENDLESS amounts of impromptu in-class on-test essay writing for English!), so at least I think I've gotten the hang of it. And considering that some people didn't even do more than half of it... =P I looked over my math stuff in the morning before the test however, and was all panicked for a while. I totally had not done enough problems to practice! Wahhh! However, it went surprisingly well: I could do every problem except one random VG-problem where I was supposed to do polynomial division on a third-degree equationafter first finding the one real solution ... but I didn't realize that so I guess I didn't do it. Oh well. It still annoys me, I'm dumb, and haven't figured out how I should find that real solution analytically (you could see on the graph it ought to be 3, and my teacher said "on tests, usually they'll be a small integer, so you can try a few", but neither of those ways are satisfactory. The actual polynomial division itself is a piece of cake though.

There were some nice problems on the test, too; for instance, "e^(k*pi*i) + 1 = 0", what values can k take? If it had not said values, I would have written "1", like the idiot I am, when the real answer is "1 + 2n", where n is an integer. Silly me always forgets that it's important to remember that sine and cosine are repeating functions and that I'm supposed to add 2*n*pi to all angles. Jacob, when I talked to him afterwards, had gotten the answer to be "any odd number", which is right, but he wasn't entirely sure how he got it, said it was more guesswork than anything else ... and I don't know entirely how he did that, because it was in no way evident to me until I solved it. Oh well. =P

Calculator problems. In Math Discrete, we've done, uh ... what'sitinEnglish ... set theory? which was basically learn about Venn diagrams and a bunch of weird symbols and that was it (I feel my computer keyboard to be even more inadequate than I felt before...), and relations and stuff. We've also been programming our calculators, with, uh ... varying degrees of success. Specifically for me. I was entirely confused enitially, because apparently I could not write mc, I had to write m*c, otherwise it saw mx as it's own variable, not two variables times each other. It took me a while to figure that out. T_T When I did, I successfully made a program for the quadratic formula and one for converting something in base 10 to an arbitrary other base (didn't think of a good way to make a program that would do the opposite, the algorithm we were taught for making stuff to base ten involved keeping track of a numbers position and all...). However, I then attempted to make one that would tell me all the prime numbers in a specified range ... which did not work. Why? Because I can't figure out how the bleep to input elements in lists, much less how to check if a number is divisible by anything in that list. The whole list thing works differently on the other people's calculators, and it is quite upsetting (my calculator is TI-89, theirs are all TI-82 or 84...). They just write in, like "L1" or something, and it becomes a list. If I do that—if I choose friggin' L1 from the friggin' menu of stuff—it treats it as a variable, not a list. And besides, I think I need to specify the dimensions of the list, but how the hell am I supposed to know how big a list will be? I just want to add stuff onto the end of it.

It's been quite frustrating, and it didn't get better when I found out that my 300-page calculator manual contains barely any useful information whatsoever. I guess it assumes I know how to create a freaking list. Well, I guess I DO know how to create a list -- wonderful operation called "newList()", where I specify in the brackets how many elements it will have, and sets them all to 0. Uh huh. Well, if I want to add elements to it? Grr! Crazy calculator.

University housing. Well, so first they said you'd be able to apply for housing from the 1st of February. Then they changed it to "mid-February", then to the 16th — then to the 18th, 19th and finally 20th. I guess on the 20th they finally were done with stuff. I looked at the application and I don't quite know how to fill it in ... and neither can I send it off until Brian has received an offer anyway, so I wish they'd hurry up. I already got all my remaining offers quite some time ago, along with information leaflets in the mail, but I guess the silly College of Social Sciences and Humanities receive more applications (three times as many, in fact) as the College of Science and Engineering. The School of Mathematics was super-speedy, it was like, the least applied-to school of allll. =P Poor School of Mathematics. I almost felt inclined to accept their offer just because of that— but when it comes down to it I'd rather do Mathematical Physics (School of Physics and Astronomy, single honors) than Physics and Mathematics (School of Mathematics, dual honors), so. Besides, there was no MPhys programme for the latter.

Anyway. I'll have to email someone and ask what to write on the housing application, and hope they send Brian his offer soon, and that his parents file their taxes so he can apply for loans for the stupid tuition (he'll pay as much in tuition as I'll pay for supporting the both of us...). Oh well.

1984. I have, through the years, seen 1984 referenced to in all manners of places, and I decided that now I was going to read it, too. So I made Dad buy it for me while he was in Singapore. I shall read it whenever I manage to finish reading the Free Bards by Mercedes Lackey — haven't had too much time lately for much of anything.

Bare necessities. I got a new song to learn to play the other day; we spent the first few minutes of my lesson flipping through booklets with sheet music until I came upon Bare Necessities and went like "oooh!" and that was the end of the search. =P A mí me gusta el jungelo booko! <333 Anyway, I've been practicing it, and as a result my entire family has been going around humming it -- this morning as Lina and Sara were leaving for somewhere they were enacting the entire thing, even the speaking parts about pulling in claws and eating ants and working too hard. I was amused. It IS a good song. ^^

Anime. And in other news, when I haven't been doing other things, I've been watching a lot of anime with my sisters. I finished watching InuYasha with Lina at some point: we then proceeded to watch FullMetal Alchemist, which overall had a better story and all (it didn't have the same feeling of "oh, now we're fighting the hundredth generic youkai and Naraku is still hiding somewhere"), though it was somewhat more depressing and violent. When we finished that, we started watching CardCaptor Sakura, which was a nice change as it featured less violence and more cuteness. <33 Dunno what we'll watch after we're done with Sakura though; I have Ah! My Goddess!, so I guess we'll watch that, but it's only 24 episodes or something like that, and considering the rate we've been going through them lately ... =P If anyone has a show they want to recommend and/or give me, please go ahead!

Anyway, that's quite enough ranting. I guess I don't update often enough, causing me to just rant on and on and on when I do. Oh well!
28 January 2009 @ 03:12 pm
So, yesterday I received notification that they (University of Edinburgh) had accepted me to the Mathematics & Physics programme. It was what they call a Conditional Offer in the UK (since I haven't gotten all my results yet); the conditions were:

MVG in Math C (already achieved)
VG in English (already achieved)
VG in Physics (why only VG?? -- already achieved (in Physics A; I haven't gotten my Physics B grade yet, but I'll be getting MVG there too))
VG overall/average (I could seriously fail several of my courses and still have an average of VG...)

So I guess that means I'm accepted. Of course, it's only to the Mathematics and Physics programme, and not the Mathematical Physics programme (more applied math, and, with the option of an Integrated Masters year, which I want), nor just the Physics programme. Those programmes I am still being considered for: I am putting this down to the fact that those last two are administered by the School of Physics and Astronomy, which receives more applicants than the School of Mathematics, which the Mathematics & Physics programme belongs to. So it makes sense that that one would be faster. *nods* (I guess people don't like math as much as physics?)

Anyway, this means I can relax a little. I wasn't too worried. I'm glad those are the only conditions though (average VG is 15.0 (out of 20) -- I currently have 19.7, and expect it to drop a little bit (if I didn't get any VGs this year I'd have 19.8, but I expect one or two, and they could just have said that a condition was that I achieved the 19.5 which I said as my predicted grade in my application, and then I'd have to make sure I didn't get more than one or two VGs -- now I can relax a bit).

And now, we just need to wait for Brian to be accepted. He's sending out his application today, which should be all right, although I wish he had done it earlier. But his professors kept wanting to go over his statement with him, and I guess it was hard for him to say that they couldn't when officially his last date of application is in June... anyway it's going to be sent out today and I don't think it should be any problem. It will probably take a little longer than the barely two weeks it took since my application was sent out, on account of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities receiving three times as many applications as the College of Science and Engineering ... =P I haven't decided yet whether this is on account of the minimum requirements being lower for most programmes in social science/humanities or whether those subjects are simply more popular. Perhaps it is a combination.

Anywaaaay. In, ah, three days it is time to apply for housing. Yay! I shall have to email and ask the Swedish representative at the university whether I should wait with sending out the housing application until Brian also has been accepted, or whether to send it out as soon as possible (considering there aren't too much couples housing offered, and it's first come first serve... but some people are given priority and I'm not sure whether we'd be given priority for both being university students, rather than seemingly just one of us).

And that's quite enough rambling, I think. I've been home from school today and yesterday; I have a cold, but not so severe as to usually keep me home. I just don't ... I just didn't want to go, I guess. And there was nothing of too great importance going on. So I've rested, mostly, the past couple days -- read "Free Bards" by Mercedes Lackey, burned InuYasha off my computer (after a struggle with Nero which kept destroying my DVDs when I exceeded 4.2 GB of stuff I wanted to put on it ... it didn't SAY it was too much, and I'm SUPPOSED to be able to stick 4.7GB on it, but as soon as it went over 4.2 or 4.3, it would burn, but the disc would be shock full of errors and worthless when it was done).

It's been ... relaxing, at least somewhat. The downside is, naturally, that now that my nerves have been untensed, they don't want to be over-tensed again so soon, so I haven't actually been doing any work (not studied for the Swedish test that I don't know how to study for, nor prepared my Spanish oral presentation), and don't ... don't feel like doing it, either. I will, but I don't feel like it.
I Feel: accomplishedaccomplished (I got accepted!)
23 January 2009 @ 09:57 pm
OMG! I just saw someone use the word "pedagogical" in English for the very first time! I've never, ever heard or read it in English, except when I said it myself (Anglification of the Swedish word which has some clearly non-Swedish origin), but now I read it on p. 166 of Catcher in the Rye, and it was a teacher and all that said it too! In the forties!

And here I thought you Americans were all unpedagogical. Turns out, you just plain forgot all about pedagogy!